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Top SEO strategies for Web Site, Internet Marketing and Steps to SEO success

Top Consultant Marketing Services has developed a search engine optimization strategy that gets clients results. Each part of the process is an integral piece of the package geared towards making your Internet Marketing plan a success.

Search engine optimization and Web design programs utilize the power of peoples’ search behaviors and optimizing content for search engine algorithms to dramatically increase the number of visitors to your web site. Our trusted SEO optimization programs will dramatically enhance your visibility and your sales on all the major search engines.

We've combined our proven SEO optimization techniques with search engine friendly web design, along with Web 2.0 social media marketing to create an online internet marketing program specifically designed for you to drive new customers to your business. We call them "Working Web Sites" because they are out there selling for you.

Our Top SEO programs are specifically designed to increase the quality and quantity of visitors to your web site by increasing your visibility on the web and your rankings on the major search engines. The internet marketing professionals we use can customize an SEO campaign tailored to your unique needs and budget. When your web site is finished, it will obtain top search engine rankings and your sales will be noticeably higher.

We are available to discuss all aspects of our Web Design and Search Engine Optimization programs including (but not limited to):

  1. Free Initial Consultation — What are your internet marketing requirements, goals, objectives, and target market for your site(s)?
  2. Domain Name Selection and Registration help — What name should you choose and who should you register it with?
  3. Web Hosting Services — Are you paying too much? Where are you going to store your web pages?
  4. Keyword Phrase Selection — What words and phrases are being searched for by internet users? How to describe your business with the right terms.
  5. Web Site Design and/or Analysis — Keeping your web site design from holding you back on search engine ranking success.
  6. Search Engine Optimization — What goes into getting a web site to the top?
  7. Directory Submissions — Getting your site into the engines CORRECTLY!
  8. Link Building - Link Popularity — Who else is linking to you? How should they link to you? Are there BAD links?
  9. Social Media Programs — Using digital “Word of Mouth” to get your presence or brand spread. How does it work?
  10. Pay-per-Click Programs — Is it worth it? How do we get started?
  11. Monthly Maintenance — How do we stay successful at search engine optimization?


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